Our mission is to simplify healthcare by inspiring people and impacting lives.


We are changing the way people engage with healthcare.

We make healthcare engagement simple, enjoyable, and

  • • 91% engagement
  • • 99% satisfaction

We create measurable
outcomes across all areas
of health.

  • • 67% at risk engage in
    health solutions

We reduce healthcare costs.

  • • 20.2% claims cost differential

Life is busy. Who has time to think about their health and navigate the complicated healthcare system? That’s why we bring simple, convenient access to all the health services you need, when you need them most. One resource for all things health.

Twitter Updates

Lilly announced it will introduce a generic version of insulin, promising a list price that is 50% lower. Wellview Director of Specialized Solutions says "This is great news for our participants who take insulin and can save the health plan money as well." https://t.co/ATHTqxIMSf

#WorkplaceCulture affects your employees' health, including chronic conditions like depression and hypertension—not to mention #absenteeism. Wellview believes in a holistic approach to #WorkplaceWellbeing that includes stress mgmt and work/life balance. https://t.co/OcSgomyzmM


  • In less than three years with Wellview Health, we have seen a 40% reduction in claims trend for some of our most at risk employees. Wellview’s reporting and data insights have changed the way we do business. We’ve benchmarked the program and couldn’t be happier with the results. Finally a strategy that our members use, that works!

    Dan Thomason CEO, Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust
  • We had been looking for ways to engage our staff more deeply in caring for their health. The partnership with Wellview has provided the perfect vehicle for that. Wellview works with us to make it easy for staff to establish baseline information, set goals and keep healthy habits achievable.

    L. Jackson McConnell CEO, Pinnacle Bank
  • Continental Benefits is on a mission to increase clinical and financial outcomes in healthcare and could not do it without Wellview Health! The team at Wellview values relationships and they are dedicated to delivering superior clinical outcomes to both their consumers and partners like us.

    Renee Chang Continental Benefits
  • My Health Advisor helped me learn to make healthier food choices daily. I have lost 32 pounds AND lowered my A1c from 9.1 to 5.5, which I did not think was possible before Wellview.

    George Wellview Participant
  • When my journey with Wellview began, I needed a lifeline. Wellview was that for me. I am now on solid ground and a sure path. Wellview is still there pushing, pulling, cheering, and encouraging. Thank you for helping me achieve the life I have always envisioned for myself!

    Glenda Wellview Participant
  • My biggest accomplishment so far is I have quit smoking for a year now. Since making changes and trying to live a healthier life, I don’t stay tired anymore and have more energy to spend doing things with my kids.

    Brandy Wellview Participant