Wellbeing Wednesday: Overcoming Men’s Health Risks

How Men Can Overcome Health Risks According to the CDC in 2006 the top ten causes of death related to health risk for American men include: Heart Disease Cancer (prostate and Lung) Unintentional injuries Chronic lower respiratory disease Stroke Diabetes Suicide/Depression Influenza and pneumonia Kidney Disease Alzheimer’s disease     Moreover, did you know? Heart disease remains among the top…

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Menu Monday: The Manly Salad

The Healthy Manly Salad Meal Not to sound too stereotypical, but when I think of the men in my life and their diets, I think… … burgers, steaks, starches, grilling out, fish fry, hotdogs. All of those things that are often indicative of the true All-American Man. Predictably, “healthy” isn’t exactly the first word that pops into my head, much…

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Fitness Friday: Train for an Adventure Race

How to Train for an Adventure Race Adventure races are popping up everywhere, giving weekend warriors the chance to break out of the every day cycle. These races challenge participants in some friendly competition, a test of strength and grit and usually a healthy dose of mud and smack-talk. If you’ve been thinking about trying an adventure race, it’s important…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: A Different Type of Food Journal

Keep a Different Type of Food Journal The book “Thin for Life” chronicles the weight loss success stories from people who have lost 30 pounds or more and kept it off. A common success strategy is keeping a food journal. The awareness, accountability and reality check of food journals work for many people, both for losing weight and maintaining it.…

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Menu Monday: Switch Up Your Lunch

Switch Up Your Lunch June is Employee Wellbeing Month. One way that you can ensure you are keeping your wellbeing in mind is to feed your body wholesome foods at consistent intervals. The idea here is to avoid getting over hungry aka ‘hangry’, or conversely, crashing from too heavy of a meal midday. Your lunch choice has the ability to…

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Fitness Friday: Beat the Heat with Water Workouts

Beat the Heat with Water Workouts When the heat of summer makes that daily walk seem more like a chore, beat the heat with a pool workout! Aquatic exercise can provide more of a workout than you might think. Water makes us more buoyant, which makes it easier for us to improve flexibility and move in the water, and less…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating Healthy While Traveling  Tis the traveling season!  We have a few trips planned this summer, one via plane and others by car.  I don’t know about you, but my family always seems to have munchies en route to our destination and an appetite that grows while on vacation. Does this happen to you? Not sure what that is about.…

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Menu Monday: Weight Loss Jumpstart

Did you just start working out again or for the first time ever and need help with your diet? Have you been exercising religiously but hit a plateau in your weight loss? Are you wanting to lose some extra pounds before sitting with your toes in the sand on vacation? Do you want to begin making better food choices overall?…

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Fitness Friday: The Proper Plank

The Proper Plank The plank. No, we aren’t walking the plank in a pirate movie, but rather performing the exercise in the gym (figuratively speaking). Perhaps you have never heard of it, or on the flipside, it is already a part of your workout routine. Nevertheless, when performed correctly, this super exercise will not only strengthen the abdominal muscles but…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Less Stress, More Positivity at Work

The Thinking Exercise Sure to Cultivate a More Positive Work Environment   “Be Positive.”   What does that mean to you? Perhaps it means doing acts of kindness for others, serving those less fortunate, exercising to take care of yourself, complimenting a coworker on a job well done, supporting your spouse in a new job or hobby, smiling at the…

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