Menu Monday: Pre-Workout Foods

The Do’s, the Don’ts and Food Solutions Pre-Workout What you put in is what you get out. What you get out is what you put in. What you eat before you exercise is meant to act as fuel for physical activity while also maximizing your performance during exercise. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) supports that pre-workout meals may…

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Fitness Friday: The Power of Dreaming

The Power of Dreaming Most of us know what we DON’T want. Maybe you don’t want to head to the gym today. I know the feeling. So, let’s mix it up on this Fitness Friday, and do some mental fitness, some dreaming. And if we work hard at it, I believe it will have a great effect on our physical…

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Happy Mature couple dancing in the park in summer day

Wellbeing Wednesday: Letting Go of Control

Letting Go of Control…to be in Control Life is so unpredictable. That’s part of the beauty of it. As human beings, we are biologically hardwired to desire control over the things that affect us the most and get us emotionally charged. However, have you ever considered by letting go of control, you are actually taking back control? Think about it…

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Menu Monday: Pad Thai

Power Up With Pad Thai I’m not going to lie, this is not a quick recipe. But you know most great things do take time. It’s really the prep work that takes a little bit, but once you have everything ready to go, it’s a snap and the stir fry part moves quickly. Pad Thai is easy to create; anyone…

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Head and shoulders portrait of a man in a winter jacket and beanie, standing outdoors on a cold day in a forest with his eyes closed and a subtle smile on his lips, feeling absolutely peaceful

Fitness Friday: Catch Your Breath

Simple Balancing Breath Just take a deep breath right now. Inhaling long through the nose and exhaling long through the nose. It’s the easiest thing to do really. There is an entire body of study that focuses on using the breath to help promote certain states of being. In yoga (which uses the language of Sanskrit), we call this “pranayama”…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Self-Love

Loving You First…Over and Over Again Either you have heard it or said it yourself before, “you must first love yourself before you can love others.” The saying essentially means that you need to learn how to feel worthy of love and the best way to do that is to accept and love yourself. Once you are able to embrace…

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Menu Monday: Chill Out With Cucumber Soup

Beat the Dog Days of August! It’s the first full week of August. The ancient Romans used to call this time the “dog days.” Hot and humid, we feel like lying around and not moving like a tired dog. But since we’ve got to get up and get it done, let’s at least bring in a soothing, cool cucumber soup.…

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Fitness Friday: Deck of Cards Circuit Workout

Dealer’s Choice, On-The-Go How many of you feel like you don’t have time to workout or it’s too expensive or inconvenient to join a gym? Well if you can relate to this, you are definitely not alone!  According to the Center for Disease Control, two of the top ten reasons Americans do not get enough exercise are:  1) a lack…

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Exhausted businesswoman having a headache.

Wellbeing Wednesday: Essential Oils for Stress

Top 9 Essential Oils for Stress Have you been feeling overwhelmed, anxious, nervous or depressed? Maybe you have had changes in your appetite, frequent illness, headaches, low energy or aches, pains and muscle tension? These symptoms could be a result of the stress in your life. Work, finances, relationships, health and so much more can contribute to the stress we…

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Menu Monday: Simple & Quick Angel Hair Pasta

Simple & Quick Angel Hair Pasta Good Monday to you all! Have you been jealously eyeing your friend’s Instagrams of her glorious plates of food from a Italy vacation? Meanwhile, you’re at home doing laundry? Do not fret, you can bring a little Italy to your table tonight with this angel hair pasta recipe. This is a simple meal that…

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