Menu Monday: Fruits and Veggies on a Budget

Fruits and Veggies on a Budget Have you ever said or thought, “I need to eat more vegetables”or, “eating healthy is too expensive” or, ”I like fruit, but I am not eating enough daily” or, “I can’t afford to feed my family healthy foods.” ? If you answered YES to any of these, keep reading. The U.S. Department of Agriculture…

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Fitness Friday: Family Park Workout

30 minute Park Workout With the nice weather here to stay for a few more weeks, finding ways to manage responsibilities and get in some exercise is a must. One way to do this is to get in a workout while the kiddos get to play outside which means it’s time to hit the park! In this workout you can…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Decoding the New Nutrition Label

Getting The “Sweet” Facts Were you aware that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was in process of requiring food manufactures to comply with a new and improved Nutrient Fact Label? This was supposed to take effect on July 26, 2018. In fact, many companies recognize consumers want this information and have already moved to put the updated label on…

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Menu Monday: Infused Waters

Infuse Some Flavor! Have a goal of drinking more water or weaning from soda? Awesome! Staying properly hydrated is a great way to improve mood and focus, and helps keep appetite in check, too. Did you know it is possible to confuse a slight dehydration with hunger? If you’ve been “eating enough” but still find yourself hungry, reach for your…

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Fitness Friday: Three Fruits for Fitness

Three Fruits for Fitness Fueling for your workout can be tricky but not any more. Here are some easy travel-buddy fruits that are sure to support you fitness goals and get you through a good workout.   APPLES An apple a day will keep your workout fueled! A large apple is not only easy to take on-the-go but also contains…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Stress Eating No More

Stop Stress Eating in its Tracks It’s no surprise that we crave sweets when we’re stressed out. Under times of duress, cortisol hormone levels are elevated, and our brains know that a shot of sugar is a shortcut to a release of serotonin, which helps us feel happy, calm, and relaxed. Our instinct reaches for the quickest path to relief…

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Menu Monday: Protein Veggie Stir-Fry

Protein Veggie Stir-Fry A veggie stir-fry can have just as much protein as its animal protein counterpart. In several “controversial” documentaries on modern-day food systems including Forks Over Knives, What the Health,  and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, it is argued that many chronic diseases can be reversed, improved and/or treated by a plant-based diet. Moreover, plant-based foods like vegetables,…

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Fitness Friday: 5 Minute Morning Regimen

Rise & Shine! You wake up, then you notice some aches and pains in your hips, back, knees and neck. BUT no time for that! It’s time to go…go….GO! Waking up with muscle stiffness, joint pain and body aches is a common complaint. Practices applied to prevent and overcome morning stiffness include breathing techniques, yoga, stretching and muscle tension release…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Football Food

Make Your Game Plan for Football Food Are you ready for some football food? You better be, because tailgate season is here! Whether you head to the stadium to tailgate, watch the game at home, or ignore it altogether, this is the time of year when food comes front and center in grocery store displays, television commercials, and of course,…

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Fitness Friday: What Does Fitness Mean to You?

What does fitness mean to you? I recall Oprah interviewing a supermodel who claimed to stay fit by practicing a certain type of yoga several days a week. Oprah responded (paraphrasing here), “Oh you mean we HAVE to do this (the yoga) three times a week?” I thought, “hmm that’s not an attitude that is going to make doing any…

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