Fitness Friday: Trampoline Exercise

Jump for Joy!    Do you have access to a trampoline? Jumping on a trampoline can be an effective all-over workout that is easy on the joints. It’s also aerobic, burning about 130 calories per half hour for a 150 pound adult. A 2012 NASA study found that rebound jumping (such as on a trampoline) was more effective than running on…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau

7 Days of Lifestyle Improvement to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau Have you been doing all that you possibly can to shed those last pesky 5 pounds? Are you still are unable to  reach your weight loss goals? That’s what we call the weight loss plateau. Don’t be discouraged, though. This plateau can be overcome with some easy lifestyle hacks.…

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Menu Monday: Baba Ghanoush

Dr. Greg’s Baba Ghanoush aka Big Daddy’s Eggplant Dip We all know that the Mediterranean diet is one that proves healthy for the heart. Research has shown that lean protein, lots of vegetables, beans and good fats like olive oil offer protection against inflammation that can lead to heart disease.  That got me thinking about Baba Ghanoush. This Middle Eastern…

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Fitness Friday: No Negative Self-Talk

This article originally appeared on by Amanda MacMillan You know that not getting regular exercise can be bad for your health. But here’s a surprising twist: Apparently, just thinking that you’re not exercising as much as you should can be harmful, too. In a new study in the journal Health Psychology, people who thought they were less active than…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Meditation as Medicine

Meditation: the Medicine for Chronic Stress Nowadays, we all fall victim to the stresses of daily life for many reasons: work demands, home responsibilities, technology and self-neglect, just to name a few. Due to the very nature of today’s hectic lifestyle, we are finding ourselves more constantly in Fight-or-Flight mode rather than Rest-and-Relax. By understanding ways to instead activate your …

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Menu Monday: Get Refreshed with Gazpacho

Time to Talk Gazpacho Our air conditioner broke last week. Which meant we were demoted to sleeping in the basement for a few nights. On top of that, eating out can be a drag. It’s expensive, and frankly, I was tired of having a salt hangover. We were craving some homemade nourishment, but not interested in adding one more degree…

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Fitness Friday: Inner Fitness

Today is Fitness Friday, and Let’s Mix it Up. Sure, physical fitness is important, but so is something I call “inner” fitness. Let’s take a dive into what it means to be mindful. I have a friend who can’t stand the word “mindful.” It’s such a cliche, she groans. In some ways, the word itself is overused, but to put…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Unplug from Technology

Time to Unplug If you are currently reading this, you are likely “guilty” of being plugged in. Technology makes it easier to instantly communicate with friends and family, check and respond to work emails all while running errands. We constantly have access to research, travel details, contact info, shopping options and so much more. With the chaos of today’s fast-paced,…

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Menu Monday: Collard Wraps

That’s a Wrap! It’s Monday. What better time to talk about getting in your vegetables for the week? I know, not a glamorous topic, but an important one. I’m a health coach, and I struggle with eating vegetables, but I’ve found that while it takes a little more time to plan and prep veggie dishes, it’s so worth it when…

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Fitness Friday: 2.5 Minute Yoga

It’s a popular refrain – “I don’t have TIME for yoga!” If you have three minutes in the morning, you have time to do yoga. One tip I’ve been doing lately is not going for my phone to check social media first thing in the morning. Instead, the phone sleeps in a drawer for the night and is not turned…

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