Menu Monday: Meal Planning With the Glycemic Index

Meal Planning with the Glycemic Index Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Diabetes or pre-Diabetes? Well the Glycemic Index (GI) can be a helpful tool in understanding what foods spike your blood glucose (sugar) levels and how rapidly they do so. The Gl measures how quickly foods containing carbohydrates raises one’s blood sugar. Foods with a low…

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Fitness Friday: Take a Walk

Did you know that a 10-minute walk after a meal is good for diabetes control? A newly published study aimed to assess whether the timing of walking in relation to eating a meal could benefit people with diabetes by reducing their blood sugar levels. This has certainly sparked interest for exercise recommendation researchers. The study conducted at the University of…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Listen to Your Body

Nutrition Month – Listening to our Bodies I’ll never forget the day I spoke the words, “no thank you; I don’t like donuts.” I remember feeling like a bolt of lightning was about to come down from heaven and strike me for such an obnoxious statement. I was raised on donuts, and I ate my fair share (and some) with…

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Menu Monday: Spring Spinach Salads

Spring Spinach Salads With Just 6 Ingredients Ah the salad. The token “healthy” meal. I confess, salads are a staple in my meal planning. But, like many of you, I find they can get a little boring. So I challenged myself and made a game out of creating several salads that I knew I could enjoy on any given day.  …

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Fitness Friday: Blood Sugar and Exercise

Blood Sugar and Exercise With so many resources at the touch of a button, it’s often hard to sift through the credible information and the junk. Learning about how to control or even improve your type 2 diabetes is no exception to this rule can be really confusing! This article is meant to serve as a simple guideline and resource…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Diabetes Alert Day

Diabetes Alert Day This Tuesday, March 28th, is Diabetes Alert Day; a day set aside to annually “sound the alarm” on the prevalence and risk factors of type 2 diabetes. It’s a day to learn more about type 2 diabetes, how to take action against it, and to encourage people to spread the word about diabetes risk factors and the…

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Menu Monday: Protein, Meat or Meatless?

Protein, Meat or Meatless? The nationwide trend of getting enough protein in our diets has led to an increased consumption of protein-enriched sports drinks, shakes, powders, bars and foods. This is by far one of the largest nutritional trends that our society has ever seen.   So, why protein? It’s simple. Protein is a building block for your body! It…

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Fitness Friday: Supplement Hype Pt. 1

The Supplement Hype: Should I Buy Into It? We’ve all seen the hundreds of ads on TV, in magazines and online boasting a particular supplement’s “superpowers” for a quick fix to all our health needs. Dietary pills that claim you can “lose 10 pounds in a week!” Cleanses that will “detoxify and reset your metabolism.” Performance supplements that will leave…

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Wellbeing Wednesday: Decode the Nutrition Label

Decoding your foods’s macronutrients according to the nutrition label should not be complicated. So let’s take a quick look and break it down a bit!     Serving Size This can be a bit tricky dependent on the size of the package or container your food product is in. For example: Let’s pretend that you buy an eight ounce can…

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Menu Monday – Five to Six Meals a Day

Five to Six Meals a Day – Should I? How many meals do you eat a day? Two? Three? Four? Non-stop? One of the most popular trends that has hit the nutrition scene as of late is eating 5-6 meals a day for weight loss. In fact, weight loss programs like Jenny Craig encourages its participants to eat five small…

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