Dan Drechsel Chief Executive Officer E-Mail Dan

For over thirty years, Dan has participated in the creative growth and management of several emerging companies spanning a number of industries. As Chief Executive Officer, he brings a focus on finding unique solutions through new technologies and data analytics. With a background in technology innovation, sales and product development, Dan is integral in promoting Wellview’s vision of bringing a consumer-centric perspective to the healthcare industry.

James Story President & Co-Founder E-Mail James

James is passionate about a proactive, patient-centered approach to managing population health. With an entrepreneurial spirit and nearly 10 years of experience in the employee benefits industry, he is committed to significantly altering the future cost of healthcare. James’ leadership at Wellview Health is the culmination of his passion for helping patients better understand the clinical and financial value of preventive care and his track record of growing businesses successfully and strategically. In serving as President, James ensures execution of the company’s vision to provide innovative well-being solutions in a convenient and consumer friendly way. Whether it’s our team or a client’s entire member population, James seeks to inspire and impact those around him. With this goal in mind, he believes that we all desire to impact others’ lives and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

“Health and well-being goes well beyond physical well-being. It’s faith, family, friends, finance, and fitness for me.  I enjoy the opportunity to impact those around me - to do this I must be physically fit and mentally ready.”

Cole Barfield, MD, MBAChief Medical Officer & Co-Founder E-Mail Cole

Cole is a practicing physician who combines his business and medical knowledge to impact and improve healthcare delivery to patients. Cole enjoys patient care and, in particular, loves the development of relationships with his patients. He co-founded Wellview Health to provide a proactive, patient-centered approach to managing health. He believes in evidence-based solutions that can provide a great experience, a higher quality of life and cost savings to both employers and their employees. He leads the clinical team at Wellview and creates innovative solutions while also evaluating and helping implement solutions that partner with Wellview to impact participant lives.

Chris Kuzniak, M.D. Board Chairman & Co-Founder E-Mail Chris

As a physician, serial entrepreneur, and public policy advisor, Chris has a unique understanding of the U.S. healthcare system and the need for preventative care. With more than 10 years of experience in patient care and healthcare technology, his passion for patient-centric models has helped to shape fundamentally Wellview Health. As a General Surgeon at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Kuzniak is constantly seeking to improve patients' health before they unnecessarily end up on an operating table. Chris has successfully co-founded several innovative healthcare companies, with the goal of creating companies that improve healthcare spending.

Chris’ role in building Wellview Health follows on his belief that predictive and preventative solutions are the most effective way to improve individual lifestyles and reduce healthcare costs. With an expert surgeon as part of our leadership team, Wellview Health is literally in good hands.

Scott Burleyson Chief Operating Officer E-Mail Scott

Scott brings over 25 years of experience as an executive in the healthcare industry to Wellview Health. As the COO, he is a true catalyst for change and is consistently improving financial, operational, and clinical outcomes. Scott believes in the power of preventative care and is passionate about delivering consumer-friendly well-being services with a personal touch. With his impressive expertise and experience, he ensures that, from the top down, Wellview Health is a well-oiled machine. Our team is driven to inspire others and impact lives, and we’re glad Scott is behind the wheel.

“Health and well-being are nature’s best insurance policy. You may think you will never need it, but when you do need it, you will be glad you paid for it!”

Shane Edwards Chief Information Officer E-Mail Shane

As an experienced technology leader, Shane has been building and deploying enterprise level solutions for over 10 years. In his role as Chief Information Officer, Shane leads the end-to-end technology delivery, data infrastructure and site operations to support the growth of Wellview Health and the evolution of our rapidly expanding technology.

Buck Orrison Executive Vice President of Business Development E-Mail Buck

Bringing over 25 years of sales and executive leadership experience and an extensive knowledge of employee benefits and managed care market, Buck is an industry leader at growing in this space. With his finger on the pulse of the challenges facing the healthcare industry and his passion behind the impact Wellview's solutions can make on the system, Buck pilots our growth as the Executive Vice President of Business Development.

“For most people, good health is a choice. Choose wisely.”

Sherree Telford RDN, LDN, CDE, CHWCDirector of Specialized Solutions E-Mail Sherree

Sherree is an experienced and recognized leader in the field of chronic disease prevention and control and has served patients, hospitals, physician practices and corporations with education, program development, implementation and results. Her drive for excellence and commitment to continued professional development, customer service and quality improvement set her apart as a leader who inspires both her peers, patients and health coaching participants.

“The daily practice of healthy eating in moderation from all food groups, movement that includes walking, running, hiking, meditation through yoga and prayer, staying hydrated, and adequate sleep has been my “lifestyle medicine” and allowed me to succeed personally, professionally and age without chronic disease. I have been blessed with a great husband, children and a grandchild that contribute to my emotional well being. A good daily practice of lifestyle medicine can do the same for you!”

Rebekah Huston Market Leader E-Mail Rebekah

Rebekah is a great fit with the Wellview family because she truly has a passion for wellness. With a Master’s in Exercise and Health Science and nearly five years of experience in the corporate wellness industry, she brings an abundance of knowledge to our team. As a program manager and health coach, Rebekah thoroughly enjoyed creating personal relationships with participants while helping to improve their personal health. She will use this experience in her role as market leader as she engages with clients to ensure that each participant gains true value from our services. We’re lucky to have Rebekah on the road spreading the mission of Wellview Health.

“To me, you have to put in the work to get the reward. Being healthy doesn’t just mean you go on a diet and to the gym occasionally; it is a lifestyle change. You have to eat, sleep, and live a healthy lifestyle in all things that you do. Stay active with your friends and family and make healthier choices every day, and your overall well-being can be greatly improved!”

Blair Blair RD, LDN, CHC Director of Health Advising E-Mail Blair

As Director of Health Advising, Blair oversees well-being programs designed to empower and support individuals seeking to reach personal health goals. She brings over 15 years of experience to the team as a clinical nutrition manager, dietitian, and certified health and well-being advisor. Blair is responsible for making sure our team of First Class health advisors create engaging experiences and always go the extra miles to meet each participant’s needs. With a big welcoming smile, Blair seeks to impact every person she meets. After meeting with Blair, clients leave with that same smile and a sense of relief knowing they have a plan in place to become happier and healthier.

“To me, health and well-being means that I listen to my body and actively make choices to take responsibility for the well being of my mind, body, and spirit. I am happiest when I am fully energized both mentally and physically – I am not overscheduled and have time to play with my kids, catch up with a friend, enjoy dinner as a family, and have some down time with my husband.”

Alyssa Graham Johnson Assistant Manager of Marketing & Consumer Experience E-Mail Alyssa

Alyssa's marketing and communications experience runs the gamut -- from a performance art center to a sustainably-focused engineering firm. She understands the importance of listening to the consumer and goes beyond problem-solving to solution-seeking. Alyssa's passion for inspiring individuals and building stronger communities makes her the perfect advocate to spread the Wellview mission of inspiring and impacting lives.

“Health and well-being for me depends upon a well-rounded lifestyle, both in daily nutrition and activity—enjoying spinach and the occasional chocolate; going for a hike and visiting a museum. As a longtime vegetarian, it’s important that I feel physically healthy as well as living in a healthy and sustainable environment.”

Melissa Brown Veler, CHC Health Coaching Advisor E-Mail Melissa

Melissa loves empowering people to create healthy habits in a sustainable way. To ensure success in implementing these transformations, she draws from years of experience as a certified health and well-being coach and nutrition counselor. Melissa honed her expertise by creating and facilitating the nutrition coaching program at the Vanderbilt Center for Integrative Health, creating and facilitating her own coaching practice, and serving as a consultant for the Vanderbilt Health Coaching School. As Health Coaching Advisor, Melissa works with the Clinical and Coaching Advisory Board to oversee program design and the integration of clinical and coaching concepts. She strongly believes that individuals should be uniquely supported as they take charge of their own health. As a busy mom, health coach, and yoga teacher, Melissa is a great example of healthy living and a constant inspiration to those around her.

“Health, in my opinion, means having a clear, focused mind and an energetic, able body that's comfortable to be in. My ideal day of well-being includes taking time for myself to be still and reflect, nourishing myself spiritually, mentally, and physically, and enjoying my husband, kiddos, friends, and family.”