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Self-Reliant • Reactive • Avoids Doctors • Lives in the Moment • On My Terms

As a Live for Today Wellview profile, you live in the moment and believe there are more important things to focus on than improving your health for the future. You avoid long-term or whole care plans, but are more likely to commit to a single, immediate next step.

You are not necessarily unhealthy, but you do what you like, when you like, and may be less likely to change your habits. Because you are self-reliant and can withstand anything life throws your way, you probably only go to the doctor when you absolutely must.

What a Live for Today Wellview Profile responds well to:

  • Support offered on your own terms
  • Short term choices and easy-to-follow plan
  • Focus on immediate next steps ⏤ What can I do now?
  • Associating with people with similar interests or situations
  • Tools that allow tracking and ranking of progress along the way

As a Live for Today Wellview Profile, you are likely to say:

I don’t want to give up the things I enjoy.

I know what I should be doing to be healthy, but I don’t make my health a priority.

As a Live for Today Wellview Profile, you are NOT likely to say:

I’m looking for a long term plan for my health and well being.

I believe my doctor really understands me.

Drumroll please...
your Wellview Consumer Connect profile is…

Live for Today

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You are mainly reactive when it comes to your health because you are living in the moment! Plus health issues can be overwhelming.
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