Healthy for Life Profile

Proactive • Sets Goals • Health & Image Conscious • Seeks Expertise

As a Healthy for Life Wellview profile, you are the most proactive when it comes to your wellness. You take ownership of your health, and are willing to invest what is necessary for your health and appearance.

When you do have health issues, you stay on top of them with regular medical check-ups, health screenings, and research.

Because Healthy for Life Wellview profiles are task oriented, you will tackle a challenge head on if you are given measurable goals.

What a Healthy for Life Wellview profile responds well to:

  • When goals and a detailed action plan are provided and progress is measured
  • Credentials, expertise, and multiple sources for learning
  • Opportunities for achievement, overcoming challenges
  • Clear steps for how a program will help them feel and also look better
  • Competition…if even with yourself

As a Healthy for Life Wellview profile, you are likely to say:

I actively take steps to prevent illness.

I am already healthy but I take steps to be even better.

As a Healthy for Life Wellview profile, you are NOT likely to say:

There isn’t much I can do to control my own health.

It’s easier for others to find time to focus on their health than it is for me.

Drumroll please...
your Wellview Consumer Connect profile is…

Healthy for Life

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You are proactive when it comes to your health because you know how important your health and well being are. Plus it sure does feel great to reach a goal you set for yourself.
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