Open to Options Profile

Weighs Options • Seeks Knowledge • Proactive • Defines Own Success

As an Open to Options Wellview profile, you are generally proactive in your health and are wellness-oriented. You ask a lot of questions and are open to many ideas, sources of information, and treatment options when it comes to healthcare.

However, YOU – not healthcare professionals – define what success looks like for your health and well-being. Physicians and other healthcare professionals are useful resources, but not the only resources, for leading a healthy life.

What an Open to Options Wellview profile responds well to:

  • Candor and direct communication
  • A range of choices, options, and approaches
  • Unique and interesting resources to learn about health
  • Explanation of the “why” behind treatment recommendations
  • A collaborative treatment approach that involves you in the treatment plan

As an Open to Options Wellview profile, you are likely to say:

I know my body best and don’t like going to the doctor unless I’m really sick.

Physicians are just one resource for me; I consider many sources when managing my health and well being

As an Open to Options Wellview profile, you are NOT likely to say:

My doctor is the most credible authority for my health and wellness needs.

I don’t want a lot of options, just tell me what I should do.

Drumroll please...
your Wellview Consumer Connect profile is…

Open to Options

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You are proactive and wellness oriented when it comes to your health. You weigh the options available and define your own success.
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