For the Family Profile

Reactive • Others Over Self • Juggles Responsibilities • Sense of Duty

As a For the Family Wellview profile, you are very busy with many responsibilities. Because of all these responsibilities, you may not take the time to invest in your own well-being and are reactive when it comes to health issues.

However, you are very proactive when it comes to your family’s health and will make sure your loved ones receive the care they need.

What a For the Family Wellview profile responds well to:

  • Appealing to your sense of duty and commitment
  • Acknowledging how busy you are
  • Opportunities for group or peer learning
  • Professional credentials and credibility are important
  • Convenience and efficiency for the whole family

As a For the Family Wellview profile, you are likely to say:

I’m more worried about my family’s health than I am my own.

Even though I am busy, I would love to get to know more people and learn from people like me.

As a For the Family Wellview profile, you are NOT likely to say:

I am too sick to work or take care of my family today.

I have plenty of spare time to devote to my own health and well-being.

Drumroll please...
your Wellview Consumer Connect profile is…

For the Family

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You are mainly reactive when it comes to your health because are far more invested in the health of your family and those around you! Plus who has time to worry about their health today?
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