Doctor Knows Best Profile

Defers to Physicians • Values Routine • Utilizes Healthcare • Seeks Instruction

As a Doctor Knows Best Wellview profile, you believe your physician is the most credible resource for your healthcare needs. You like to “cut to the chase”, not be asked a lot of questions, and be told exactly what you should do. You look to your physician and other healthcare professionals for direction and guidance because of their expertise and credentials.

You may be more likely to go to the doctor at the first sign of health concerns. However, you may not always follow a physician’s advice – not because you disagree with his/her recommendations, but because it is often difficult to work these recommendations into your routine.

What a Doctor Knows Best Wellview profile responds well to:

  • Having specifics and details; being told exactly what you need to do
  • Credentials, authority, and credibility
  • Understanding how recommendations will fit into your daily routine
  • Clear added value the program will bring to your life
  • An incentive to take action and extra follow up and encouragement

As a Doctor Knows Best Wellview profile, you are likely to say:

I will go to the doctor at the first sign of health concerns and usually do what the doctor tells me to do.

There is a right way of doing things and a wrong way of doing things.

As a Doctor Knows Best Wellview profile, you are NOT likely to say:

I am willing to change my daily routine to be more healthy.

I would rather have lots of options instead of a specific plan.

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Doctor Knows Best

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You like direction and guidance when it comes to your health - preferably from a physician.
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