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Employer Experience

More than 90% of the nation’s $3.3 trillion in annual healthcare expenditures are for people with preventable chronic and mental health conditions including obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, and diabetes. The average U.S. employer has 12 health and wellness solutions and vendors, averaging less than 5% employee utilization.

What if …
Your employees really utilized their health benefits …
Work absenteeism was reduced …
Chronic diseases were prevented …
Claims costs were lowered …
AND you had a single access point for all things health?

This is Wellview Health. As experts in healthcare engagement, Wellview Health works alongside employers across the U.S. to improve employee access and utilization of health and well-being benefits. Our mission is to make healthcare simplified. Our commitment is employee engagement. Our impact is measurable.

Wellview Engagement = Measurable Impact

98% Participation
91% Health Engagement
99% Consumer Satisfaction

Measureable Improved Outcomes Across Full Health Continuum

20.2% differential
in claims trend

We care about the health of your company’s employees. So we listen. We analyze. We use data to drive engagement and decisions. We make an impact through a strategic and personalized approach to your population health, with predictive analytics, transparent reporting, and measurable health management.

We know that increasing participant engagement will lead to improved clinical outcomes.

That’s why employee participants are engaged both on-site through an annual checkup and consult with a Health Advisor, as well as virtually through our omni-channel engagement platform.  We meet your employees where and when they are ready for action, and deliver the health services and support they need when they need it most, engaging up to 67% of those with a health risk in a Wellview specialized health solution.

Wellview Proprietary Products

Psychographic consumer profiling tool leading to effective outreach and actionable healthcare engagement.

Full spectrum of human-navigated specialized health solutions supporting some of the most costly health conditions.

Proprietary analytics tool that integrates consumer, clinical, and claims data for integrated and predictive healthcare management.

Proprietary health engagement platform that integrates multiple data points to support participant, provider, and employer health management that’s actionable.

Allows easy, convenient, and safe access to best-in-class health specialists navigated through a trusted Wellview Health Advisor.

Improves quality care by engaging the participant’s trusted physician, generating referrals, and improving collaboration.

  • In less than three years with Wellview Health, we have seen a 40% reduction in claims trend for some of our most at risk employees. Wellview’s reporting and data insights have changed the way we do business. We’ve benchmarked the program and couldn’t be happier with the results. Finally a strategy that our members use, that works!

    Dan Thomason CEO, Georgia Bankers Association Insurance Trust
  • We had been looking for ways to engage our staff more deeply in caring for their health. The partnership with Wellview has provided the perfect vehicle for that. Wellview works with us to make it easy for staff to establish baseline information, set goals and keep healthy habits achievable.

    L. Jackson McConnell CEO, Pinnacle Bank
  • Continental Benefits is on a mission to increase clinical and financial outcomes in healthcare and could not do it without Wellview Health! The team at Wellview values relationships and they are dedicated to delivering superior clinical outcomes to both their consumers and partners like us.

    Renee Chang Continental Benefits
  • The health and wellbeing of our team members is a core value at Continental Benefits, and we required an integrated, dynamic program that was relevant to all of our people. Our partnership with Wellview has allowed us to provide our team members with everything they need to significantly impact their health and happiness.

    Dave Heuermann Sr. Vice President & Chief of Staff HillCour