Fitness Friday: 15 Minute Home Aerobic Exercise

15 Exercises in 15 Minutes for Better Mental Health


Many Lifestyle Medicine and Holistic Practitioners are actually prescribing exercise for mental health-related conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD and even trauma-related disorders like PTSD. According to a 2004 study on the effects of exercise on anxiety, depression and mood, “aerobic exercises, including jogging, swimming, cycling, walking, gardening and dancing have been proven to reduce anxiety and depression.” Moreover, a national survey conducted by the CDC reports that in 2010, 32% of adult patients revealed being told to exercise by a doctor. Read more here.


Now, let’s try this 15 minute at home workout that can support your mental and physical health!


Perform each exercise for 30 seconds.

Modify when necessary.

Take breaks when needed.

Always keep going!


1. Jog in place


2. Butt kickers


3. High knees



4. Jumping jacks


5. Body squats


6. Rear lunges right side


7. Inch worms


8. Rear lunges left side


9. High plank



10. Pushups


11. Mountain climbers


12. Low lunge to squat combo right side


13. Low lunge to squat combo left side


14. Side plank left side



15. Side plank right side







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