Fitness Friday: 30 Minutes of Yin Yoga Bliss

Yin is a powerful relaxation tool that can calm the mind from anxiety and stress, as well as replenish the body from aches and pains. Yin can serve so many of you, no matter your walk in life. Learn more here. This is an especially important tool as we all try to stay healthy and not stress while quarantining at home!


I would like to invite you to complete just 7 stretches for your very own 30-minute yin yoga practice.

Play your favorite calming and restorative music or sounds in the backdrop allowing your body and mind to drift to a space of its own. Avoid holding your breath and breathe with intention to release the aches, pains, tension, stress, and anxiety from both mind and body. Hold each pose for about 4-5 minutes or however long feels good to you. When it becomes uncomfortable, simply make adjustments to relieve the intensity of the pose, but try your very best to not come out of the stretch. Most importantly, your body will tell you when it is time to transition to another stretch. 


Relax. Breathe. Enjoy.

Here are 7 simple yin yoga stretches for a relaxing 30-minute practice 


*Click on each pose to see an instructional video




Simple twist left side

Simple twist then again on the right side 


Side body stretch left side

Side body stretch then again on the right side


Forward fold


Child’s pose




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