Fitness Friday: At-Home Alphabet Workout

The At-home Alphabet Workout

Does your typical day look anything like this?

5:30am: Wake up, Shower, Grab Coffee, Get the kids ready, Breakfast, Pack lunches

7am: Get kids to school, Get to work

8am-5pm: WORK!

5:30pm: Pick up the kids from the sitter, Run home, cook dinner FAST

6:30pm: Drop off little Sally for ballet, run to store

7:30pm: Pick up Sally, Head back home, Homework time

8:30pm: Clean up, Bath time for the kids, Do laundry, Prep for tomorrow

9:00pm: Kid’s bedtime

9:01pm: oh yeah….BREATHE!!!!

10pm: CRASH


Let’s be honest, looking at all of this can be a bit overwhelming to say the least. However, you still have goals: lose weight, tone up, have more confidence, have more energy, etc. Whatever your personal goal may be, making time to get in a quick workout can be near impossible on a busy day. This is why the At-home Alphabet Workout can be a great tool to keep around the house. Say you only have five to fifteen minutes during all of your other daily duties. Simply spell out your name and get moving! Even the kids can join you on this journey 🙂




Arm circles, 50 each way

Burpees, 10

Crunches, 25

Desk dips, 20

Elbow plank, 30-60 seconds

Frog hops,10

Good Mornings, 15

High knees, 25

Incline push-ups, 20

Jumping jacks, 50

Kick-backs, 15 each side

Lunges, 10 each side

Mountain climbers, 25

Narrow squats, 15

Outer-thigh lifts, 30 each side

Plie hops, 15

Quick feet, 30-60 seconds

Russian twists, 25

Squats, 20

Thrusters, 30

Upper cuts, 30-60 seconds

V-ups, 10

Wide sumo squats, 15

X-jacks, 50

Y-lifts, 20

Zig-zag hops, 15 up and back


To have a little fun with it, spell your name or your kids’ names. Or challenge them to come up with other exercises you can try that start with a letter of your name! Have fun, get into your workout and keep working hard to achieve those goals!




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