Fitness Friday: Exercise Solutions for the “Go-Getter”

Are you a go-getter who is already motivated and  fully committed to a regular workout routine but you are hitting a plateau, getting bored or simply want to take the guess work out of your daily exercise plan? Let’s take a look at some simple solutions you can try to overcome your personal obstacles!


Fitness Apps

From personal trainer apps that formulate a workout for you each day based on your goals, to workout apps that will provide you with pictures and instructions for body specific exercises, a fitness app can be exactly what you need to keep your energy high and results coming.

Pros: can be used anytime and anywhere, provides visuals and written instructions for workouts, often motivational and educational, may help track exercise and progress

Cons: have to sort through many choices to find the right fit, may come with additional costs, must be willing to use smartphone, tablet or alike (could also be a pro)



Online Resources

Popular non-fitness related resources like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram have more exercise options than you may realize. Whether you are looking to follow fitness gurus for workout ideas or find free exercise videos, many online resources can provide you with fresh exercise ideas and more.

Pros: lots of options, links to additional wellness resources, visuals, usually free

Cons: too many options, not always the most comprehensive


Fitness Classes

A group exercise class could be exactly what you need to push outside of your comfort zone and help overcome your barriers. You may decide to try a specialized class like CrossFit, Hot Yoga, Silver Sneakers, Spin, Body Pump or Zumba, or you may opt for a traditional dance, boot camp or HIIT class. With a variety of class types and instructor personalities, you will likely find these classes at your local gym, fitness studio or community center.

Pros: instructed by a trained group fitness instructor, variety of workouts, accountability and motivation

Cons: usually offered only at restricted times, class style preference varies, pay per class or facility membership normally required.



Certified Personal Trainer

Just like many professions, Personal Trainers often offer specialties. So if you are post-physical therapy patient seeking to transition into an exercise routine safely and effectively or simply desire to lose weight and tone up, there is a trainer in the world for you. Not only can you find a personal trainer at your gym, but with the quick access to technology nowadays, there are also trainers who work virtually and will even travel to you.

Pros: one-on-one, trained professional, customized workout based on your goals

Cons: typically an extra cost, must be aware of trainer’s credentials, usually require a long-term commitment


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