Fitness Friday: Intertwine Work and Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle is among the top leading causes of chronic disease. In a 2006-2011 study of adults ages 21 and up, researchers found that on average health care costs were 1.05 trillion dollars per year. Among these conditions attributing to the high costs are type two diabetes, coronary heart disease, high BP, high cholesterol, obesity, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression. The list is endless.

So not to tip the scale toward disease, but rather to a healthy work life balance with lots of ways to move, here are my top three super creative ways to meet your exercise goals while crushing it at work!




Number One: The Work Walker

I focus extremely well when I step outside for some time to walk, and this is the perfect time for me to work on resources I can type up on my phone or iPad. Sometimes I walk and work in my neighborhood, downtown, around my office, on our community trail or even while hitting a nature trail. Please do not try this if you are not comfortable having your attention misdirected from your coordination.


Number Two: The Work Commute

I know this is not practical for everyone, but for myself, I live in an area where my job is under ten miles from my house, and the roadways offer fairly safe bike lanes. So I pack up my backpack with the daily necessities: food, water, spare clothes, iPad, and of course, my safety equipment, then I am off for my work day.


Number Three: The Meeting Queen (or King)

This is something that is literally for everyone. You are sitting at your desk and your calendar chimes reminding you about that meeting call you need to jump on. This is the perfect time to do some desk exercises or stretches. Personally, when I’m on a call, I like to do a few minutes of high knees, back twists, neck rolls and ankle circles to work out some kinks in my body.



I hope you’ve enjoyed my crazy, creative ways to intertwine work and exercise. Let us know. Now, we want to hear what you are doing. Let us know!




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