Menu Monday: New Year New You Recipe

The year of 2018 has shut its doors, and 2019 embraces you with a fresh attitude, energy and perspective. The new year brings new self improvement goals commonly involving nutrition, fitness, stress, finances, sleep and various other aspects of life that can have an impact on overall wellbeing and health. And as history would tell it, you may notice a strong start to the new year which slowly trickles to a lessened effort within as little as a few weeks or months. Well, let me be the first to tell there is actually a recipe to help you keep up your new year momentum!


Here is the recipe for how I will achieve my 2019 goals!



Set Goals

This may seem a bit obvious but without goals, you may feel like you lack direction. A fun way to set goals is by creating a vision board (learn more here INSERT VISION BOARD BLOG). Once you have created your bigger picture you can begin to break down your vision into monthly or even weekly goals.


Annual goal: I will lose 25lbs by the end of the year through better dietary habits and regular exercise

Weekly or monthly goal: I will go to the gym four days a week after work for an hour


Rally your resources

Your resources can include people, places and things, which should cover your supporters, motivation, accountability and any other MUST HAVEs so that you will reach your lofty goals this year. Begin by making a list and then ensure you’ve got what you need.

EXAMPLE (using above example)

Supporters: Mom can pickup and watch kids MWF, mother in law can watch kids when mom cannot, gym fitness classes at convenient time, husband will walk with, kids club on weekends at the gym, new workout shoes

Accountability: Gym partner, Wellview health coach, Fitbit challenges

Motivation: results e.g. weight on the scale and size of jeans, energy to play with kids on the weekend, improved cholesterol levels




Make a plan

The most successful individuals always begin with an action plan (even if this plan changes over time).  Once you know the resources you are ready to develop a plan, which should include the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, why) and how. When you have your answers, you can begin to narrow in on the nitty gritty part of your goals by developing a Plan A, Plan B and so on.


Plan A: I will attend a fitness class scheduled 5:45-6:45 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the gym and go one weekend day morning.

Plan B (kids are sick, no babysitter, etc): I will do a workout DVD at home in the study for at least 45minutes or walk the neighborhood for 60 minutes.

Plan C….you get the idea!


Take action

It’s time to put rubber to pavement and get going. Always keep the right amount of each of your personal ingredients on hand in order to keep up your momentum throughout the year.


Modify your routine

Routines are great but life happens. Always be willing to reassess and modify your routine when necessary.


Remember we are all at different levels in our stages of change. If you struggle with putting together any of the above ingredients to a successful new year, working with one of our certified health coaches is always  a worthy option. (Contact concierge) We are here to help!



Click HERE to learn more about the Wellview services available to you. We can’t wait to work with you!




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