Menu Monday: Delicious Veggie Burgers!

With various grocers and restaurants embracing more vegetarian food options, including last year’s release of Burger King’s Impossible burger nationwide, it is becoming easier and easier to join the party during the season of cookouts. 

As you may know, vegetarians do not eat animal meat and often other animal food products as well. They may make this dietary choice for religious, cultural, moral or health reasons. No matter the reason, it can sometimes be difficult to enjoy a cookout with friends and family in a heavily meat-enthused environment. The good news however is that it is most certainly becoming easier and easier with greater accessibility to alternative meat-like options and more simple, delicious recipes. 


Speaking of…click here for one of my personal favorites, and here are a few tips to adapt for special nutritional needs and better health.


1. Gluten free

I found these at my local grocery store and absolutely loved the taste and texture. If you are gf like me, I highly recommend giving them a try.


2. Healthy BBQ sauce

The Simple Girl Carolina Kick BBQ sauce was by far the perfect choice for this Carolina girl. Do a little research and you too can find some delicious sugar free, no additives, low calorie kind of sauces for your recipe.


3. Heart healthy beans

If you need to ensure you are making heart healthy choices, grab the bag beans at the store and avoid the high sodium content in canned beans.



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