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 Participant Experience

Are you ready to be empowered, motivated, and in the driver’s seat of your own health?

Everyone is different — that’s why we design a plan specifically for YOU working with your own personal Health Advisor and care team! We’re passionate about empowering you to make healthy lifestyle changes that last, and believe that reaching your health and well-being goals should be an enjoyable experience.

We are Wellview Health. Let us be your resource for all things health!

SEE your health as it is today

Through a confidential health assessment and screening, we create a personalized health profile that outlines your current health and identifies any potential risks and areas of focus.

Make positive CHANGE

A Wellview Health Advisor meets with you to review your results, listen to your concerns and needs, and then works with you to create a personalized, goals-based action plan to initiate positive change in your life.

BECOME a healthier, happier you

Gain access to health tools/resources as well as referrals to a whole team of specialists including Registered Dietitians, Mental Health Specialists, Certified Diabetes Educators, Personal Trainers and more. Your Wellview Health Advisor serves as a personal, confidential advocate who is here to support you on your journey to achieve your health goals.

Here’s Why 91% of Participants Engage with Wellview


We are ready when and where you are


Your privacy is protected – 100% confidentiality


Individualized Care Plan guided by your own Health Advisor


Care for your physical, social, behavioral and emotional health


A full team of trained and caring advocates

  • My Health Advisor helped me learn to make healthier food choices daily. I have lost 32 pounds AND lowered my A1c from 9.1 to 5.5, which I did not think was possible before Wellview.

    George - Tifton, GA Wellview Participant
  • When my journey with Wellview began, I needed a lifeline. Wellview was that for me. I am now on solid ground and a sure path. Wellview is still there pushing, pulling, cheering, and encouraging. Thank you for helping me achieve the life I have always envisioned for myself!

    Glenda - Perry, GA Wellview Participant
  • My biggest accomplishment so far is I have quit smoking for a year now. Since making changes and trying to live a healthier life, I don’t stay tired anymore and have more energy to spend doing things with my kids.

    Brandy - Moultrie, GA Wellview Participant
  • Having a family history of diabetes and being diagnosed with prediabetes scared me into action. My Wellview team provided the motivation I needed…I was elated when my A1c dropped out of the prediabetes range.

    Deborah - Augusta, SC Wellview Participant
  • I had a list of barriers. I have celiac disease and a lot of ups and downs but my Advisor encouraged me and connected me with a Wellview Registered Dietitian. I want to thank my Wellview team for encouraging me and supporting me, and going the extra mile to help.

    Nancy - Fitzgerald, GA Wellview Participant
  • My Health Advisor was very friendly and uplifting. I also spoke with a Registered Dietitian and Counselor, who helped me as well. I would tell people that they would be crazy not to take advantage of Wellview. It has changed my life for the better.

    Debbie - Vidalia, GA Wellview Participant
  • Wellview was there when I was ready and never pushed me. My Advisor told me from the beginning that I would be in control of the entire process. We set small goals at first and it was so empowering to hit them!…I don’t think I would ever had achieved this goal without the support of Wellview!

    Virginia - Atlanta, GA Wellview Participant
  • After only three months of support from my Wellview Advisor and Certified Diabetes Educator, all my bloodwork has improved. I have lowered my A1c and lost 16 pounds. My doctor is thrilled, and so am I!

    Heather - Dothan, AL Wellview Participant
  • I’ve read all the books and listened to all the videos…It’s so easy to think, ‘I know all this, so I don’t need an Advisor.’ But accountability and confidentiality from someone outside of friends or family was key for me. My Advisor has opened up a line of communication that has been invaluable.

    Mary - Hiawassee, GA Wellview Participant
  • I truly have Wellview to thank for opening my eyes. There isn’t a day I don’t think about that Wellview Health Screening, without which I probably would have never gone to my doctor to face the music…I now feel good about what I put into my body and the changes I have made along the way to become a healthier version of myself.

    Jessica - Jacksonville, FL Wellview Participant