Why Wellview

What if your healthcare was simple, easy, and even enjoyable?
What if all your health information was at your fingertips?
What if you could access trusted health experts and resources with one call or click?
What if you had everything you needed to be in the driver’s seat of your own health?

This is Wellview Health. Our mission is to make healthcare simplified. We give you a single source for all things health. Our team of trusted tech-empowered health specialists will meet you when and where you are ready to take action and support you in every step toward better health.

We are changing the face of healthcare.

We Build
Consumer Trust.

  • Confidential advisor to listen, motivate, and guide.
  • Concierge-style “ravable” health experience.
  • Single point of access to full team of experts.
  • Simplified access through omni channels.

We are
Technology Enabled.

  • Proprietary algorithms for customization and scalability.
  • Data-driven psychographic profiled engagement tools.
  • Consumer-friendly integrated technology platform.
  • Transparent reporting and predictive analytics.

We make
an impact.

  • Consumer: 98% participation, 91% health engagement, 99% consumer satisfaction rating.
  • Clinical: 71% of engaged are at risk; 67% at risk engage with a specialized health solution.
  • Claims: 20.2% differential in claims trend.