Your Experience


With a mission to inspire and impact lives, Wellview Health can be your go-to resource for all things health. We believe in a comprehensive approach to well-being and deliver integrated clinical and behavioral services driven by personalized data. We also believe that reaching your well-being goals should be an enjoyable experience.
Learn how we make it simple and convenient as your partner in health:
Health Assessment

Take a completely confidential questionnaire similar to what you might expect from your doctor’s office. Your answers will show where you’re doing great and where you might consider making a few positive changes. So… be honest.

Health Screening

With a few measurements and a quick finger stick performed by a Wellview Health provider, you’ll gain real-time insights on your current or potential health concerns. You will then receive a personalized report highlighting your screening numbers that will be presented in a way that’s easy to understand. Don’t worry: this is a quick and easy process, and your personal numbers will never be shared with your employer.

Healthy Living Consult

In this confidential, personal sit-down (on-site or virtually) with a Wellview Health provider, you’ll have the chance to ask further questions about your results and learn how we can be your go-to resource for all things regarding health. This consult will help you discover the next step to becoming a healthier, happier you this year.

Healthy Living Solutions

Designed just for YOU, these 100% confidential conversations empower you to take small steps that result in BIG changes. We’re not like the coach you remember in high school, blowing whistles and telling you what to do. We listen to find out what’s important to you so that, together, we create a realistic, personalized roadmap for finding a greater sense of happiness and well-being. Our team, ranging from Healthy Living Consultants and Registered Dietitians to RNs and Nurse Practitioners, is passionate about understanding what really drives and motivates you to develop healthier habits. We’ll walk with you every step of the way to help you set and achieve your personal goals! Services include:

  • Core Program: Available to all members who wish to take a proactive approach towards a healthy lifestyle. This includes 4 sessions to consider current health habits and goals while creating a plan for sustained health for the future.
  • Tobacco Cessation: Provides members with the tools and support needed to successfully quit using tobacco.
  • Healthy Habits: Allows members to focus on simple changes in their daily routine to reduce risk and achieve a healthy body composition.
  • Clinical Referrals: Examples include a consult with a Wellview Health nurse practitioner/dietitian and other preferred providers.